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Enterprise dynamic

[Important Notice] Huamei Rubber Foam Insulation Material replace the new packag


Dear customers and friends,

Hello! Thank you for your long-term encourage and support, The packaging bags of Huamei rubber foam products have been replaced and launched the market on May 1, 2015. Please new and old customers pay attention to it!

Design Concept: brief and decent style, strong recognition and the use of very few elements reflect the brand name can make people instantly leave their memory point.

The pattern consists of three colors of blue, red and green. Blue stands for quiet, red represents passion, green symbolizes environmental protection. But the three colors skillfully make the white-color background more obvious, so that the words of “Huamei embossed texture board” , “Huamei rubber foam tube” and “Huamei air conditioner insulation pipe” is particularly prominent.

The package of Huamei rubber foam product has applied for patent protection,which can better protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Thank you very much for understanding the inconvenience during the period of replacing the new package.

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