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Enterprise dynamic

Huamei strongly sign in to CCTV and Phoenix TV, building the leading brand of g



Huamei strongly sign in to CCTV and Phoenix TV,

building the leading brand of green insulation building materials


Recently, the insulation building materials market news, as the industry well-known green insulation building materials brand, Huamei Group brand promote and upgrade, and log CCTV4, Phoenix Satellite TV channel, stepping to the international strategy.


As time going by, Huamei has become a well-known brand in insulation field, and its unique "Contributing energy-saving boutique" concept has been widely acclaimed. Huamei’s footprints throughout the world, widely used in the Beijing Olympic Games theme stadium Bird's Nest, Capital International Airport 3 Harbin, Guangdong, China, the National Grand Theater, the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail, the Shanghai World Expo, Dubai Halifata, South Korea Seoul International Business Center,

Australia's Melbourne skyscrapers and other famous buildings and huge projects. As the insulation industry leader, Huamei is invited to participate in the insulation Industry new national standard’s drafting.


Huamei Group witness the power of brand

together with CCTV and Phoenix TV


With the great demand of green insulation building materials, China as a consumption country, has a rapid development. However, the insulation building materials market is also faced with fake, shoddy and other issues, which requires a professional brand stand at a high place to look at the whole market.


As a professional brand of green insulation materials, Huamei has always been in the forefront of industry development, with a keen market capture, firstly putting forward the "Contributing energy-saving boutique" concept.Huamei, through professional production technology, rigorous management, excellent equipment, pursuits to be the most trusted and respect for the green insulation building materials business.


Singing in to CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, Huamei hopes that  through the mainstream of the media publicity, with its authority influence, witness and spread the growth of Huamei brand, which marks the Huamei brand standing in the industry high point, and spreads positive green building materials awareness, leading the industry healthy and rapid development.


Moreover, put CCTV, Phoenix TV advertising is only gorgeous and promote the spread of green insulation materials prelude to the plan. China and the United States brand will also be more rich integrated marketing communication, and further enhance the corporate brand height, and strengthen the brand image, and promote the country and foreign markets around the further development.


Huamei attaches importance to the brand,

for the dedication of energy-saving boutique


Of course, paying attention to the mainstream media promotion is not blindly to pursuit the communication effect, Huamei believes that focus on the quality and cost-effective of insulation materials, standing on the national media high point to spread the brand, which is only "building brand" in mind. If an insulation material brand do not highlights the professional and brand height from the chaotic market, do not build and promote their own brand, it is difficult to get the approval of the masses, even if the product is good. The brand is the collections of consumer product awareness and reputation, so the companies only attach importance to their own brand, authority and professionalism, they can quickly win the trust of consumers. Huamei brand sign in to CCTV, Phoenix TV, and there is a certain positive role for the whole Insulation industry, allowing the audience to learn that the insulation industry has always adhere to dedicating the energy-saving boutique brand.


In addition, "Huamei insulation" sign in to CCTV, Phoenix TV, not only to expand brand awareness, but also to increase the exposure rate the insulation industry in front of the audience. Huamei brand signing in to CCTV, Phoenix TV is an unprecedented thing. Huamei is the leader and model, it will plays a important role in entire insulation industry.  At the same time, we hope that more professional insulation brands to the country in the future, promoting the healthy and orderly development of national thermal insulation building materials market.

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